Burning Questions

Finally getting into the spirit of Fat Tuesday!


This the page where we will throw out all those Kyle related questions that tend to pop up as you wander the streets and see the sights of carnival time. If you have a burning question that demands an answer or can summon up the answer to a question posted here, please email it to me at Gaming Controls Buyer's Guide. Be sure to put Burning Question in the subject of your email ...Click on the pictures of Kyle as Caleb to see the answer.


1. Was he the uncredited mystery man on a horse in 1987's made for television movie "Uncle Tom's Cabin"? Take a peak and see what you think?

Kyle or No Kyle?

2. What year was the man really born in? I have heard three different accounts of the year. Was it 1957, 1958 or 1960? And why all the confusion over the years? Is it a desperate attempt by his agent to make him seem even younger? He already looks way younger than his age and I wanna know his secret...Oil of Olay? Yoga? Sacrifices to some strange God?Pull Up Bar Buyer's Guide


3. Just found a reference on the Peacemakers Community site that listed Kyle's name as Kyle Jigu Secor. Does anyone know where Jigu comes from? It is a designation handed out by the Buddhists? A name he picked out after becoming a Zen Buddhist? Tried looking up the meaning but could only find that is was a Korean girls name and the meaning fits him well.TomTom Auto GPS Units


4. What color would you say his eyes are? Some say hazel, some say brown. Depends upon what day you ask as to what I think so I set up a poll. Top Garmin Truck GPS Units

Eye Color Poll?

5. How many films does he juggle in?Best Performing RV GPS Units