Entertainment Weekly

September 2000

City of Angels


(Ed. Note - So this isn't an entire interview but just the one direct quote and information on his role. The rest of the article involved the now-cancelled show, "City of Angels" and it's anticipated second season. I just thought that the quote was too good not to post somewhere)


Steven Bochco has a simple diagnosis for why his hospital drama City of Angels suffered in the ratings last season. "It just wasn't good enough," says the executive producer. "We've gotta make it better."

The creative face-lift begins with the exit of Vivica A. Fox's medical director ("We created a character she was fundamentally not right for." says Bochco) and the entrance of Homicide: Life on the Street vet Kyle Secor as Dr. Raleigh Stewart, a Hodgin's disease survivor who comes to work in the ER of L.A.'s Angels of Mercy hospital. (Bring It On's Gabrielle Union also joins as a surgical resident Courtney Ellis.) Secor says he took the role because "Steven Bochco offered me a job, and it sounded like an interesting experiment."