The beads thrown out at the Krewe of  Kyle. The Donuts are in honor of Kyle's many years playing Detective Tim Bayliss of the Baltimore Police Department.

History of Kyle

The beginnings of the Krewe started with the birth of Kyle Secor in Tacoma, Washington on May 31, 1957 (I think! See Burning Questions!) He grew up in Federal Way, Washington and attended Federal Way High School. He is the youngest of three boys and his father was a salesman for Beechnut.

He grew up interested in sports, playing football and basketball in school as well as practicing Karate and later, Yoga.

 After graduation he worked at Shakey's Pizza Parlor, climbing that management ladder to be assistant manager. Kyle tried to join the US Air Force to be an MP but his poor vision prevented that, they said if he wanted into the Air Force he could load airplanes or something exciting like that.. But fate stepped in when he saw a production of the play "Hello Dolly" and decided that acting looked like much more fun than cranking out pizzas and he made the decision to become an actor.

 So Kyle made the big leap to Los Angeles in 1981 after spending some time studying acting at Green River Community College and winning a state-wide acting competition. But alas he didn't get the acting jobs right away. Kyle spent the first 5 or 6 years of his time in Los Angeles cleaning houses, teaching yoga, being a movie usher, driver and , yes, that actor's standby, waiting tables. He also says that during this same period he lived in a walk-in closet, slept in friends apartments and sometimes in the Yoga center he taught at.

He acted in various plays before winning the role of Brian Bradford on the soap, "Santa Barbara" in 1986 before moving to the role of an AIDS patient in the show, "St. Elsewhere". Kyle worked steadily in such films as "Delusion", "City Slickers" and "Untamed Heart" before landing the role of Detective Tim Bayliss in "Homicide:Life On The Street" After a successful seven year run on Homicide, Kyle went on to a short-lived role on "Party of Five" and made two feature films, "Endsville" and "Beat"  He returned to the small screen as a doctor on the CBS production, "City Of Angels" for 9 weeks during the fall of 2000. The made for television movie, "Bailey's Mistake" was shown on ABC television on March 18th. He recently appeared in the season premiere of "Crossing Jordan" and had a recurring supporting role in cancelled ABC production of Stephen Bochco's "Philly" from September 2001 through May 2002. He can also be seen during in the fall of 2002 on ABC's "The Wonderful Wonder of Disney" in the miniseries, "A Wrinkle In Time" and as a guest star on "Without A Trace"

Kyle married actress Kari Coleman in January of 2002 and lives in Los Angeles, California. He is proficient at and enjoys many different sports in his spare time.

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