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March 1991


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From Pizza Slinger to Co-star in Five Upcoming Films,
Not Bad for a Fresh-faced Newcomer from Washington

by Lori Berger

Growing up in the sleepy Northwest town of Federal Way, WA, Kyle Secor never gave much credence to his private dream of becoming an actor. The role of Joseph in the local church plays was as far as he assumed he'd get. "Where I grew up it was unheard of to think you could make money by doing something like acting," recalls the 31-year-old. "After graduating from high school, people went to work for the Air Force, Weyerhauser or Boeing. Or they did what I did -- became an assistant manager for Shakey's Pizza."

It was during his pizza-slinging days that the 6'4" Secor attended the play "Hello, Dolly" at a nearby college and decided to follow his inner calling. After a move to Los Angeles, where he ushered at a theater, taught massage, wrote poetry and did just about anything to stay alive through countless fruitless auditions, he finally got a break.

And now, with key roles coming up in five highly anticipated films -- "Sleeping with the Enemy" with Julia Roberts, "Delusion" opposite Jennifer Rubin, "Late for Dinner" with Brian Wimmer and Peter Berg, "City Slickers" with Billy Crystal, and "The Doctor", which he is currently filming with William Hurt, it's doubtful Secor will be returning to Federal Way for part-time work with Boeing.

Although the lanky, clean-cut actor appears to be taking his own success in stride, he admits to feeling a sense of awe over some of the celebrities he's worked with and encountered. "I was eating at this little place in Hollywood and reading the paper when Sinead O'Connor walked in," he says, unable to suppress a grin. "I was about to pick up the sports page, but I kept reading the front page, because it seemed more substantial for Sinead to see me reading that. It was the dumbest thing. She doesn't even know me, or who I am."