Kyle Secor

 - High Wire Actor - His Friends Call Him the Eternal

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Looming Large:  It is difficult -- if not dangerous -- to take one's
eyes off Kyle Secor.  Maybe it's the menace that seems to lurk in the
corners of his smile, or the unnerving fact that he self-inflicted
his short, choppy haircut with a pair of dull fabric shears.  If,
however, you sidestep his puissant gaze or the shadow of his looming
frame, Secor's enigmatic soul betrays itself.  At thirty-three, he's
still a boy, quixotically attached to his actorly ideals and
unyielding in his pursuit of them.  Onscreen, Secor's presence is no
less intense.  Whether portraying the Pepto-Bismol chugging contract
Killer in "Delusion" or the overeager intern who accompanies William
Hurt on his rounds in "The Doctor", he recklessly straddles the
tightrope between good and evil without ever losing his balance. 
Secor can next be seen in W.D. Richter's "Late for Dinner", a sci-fi
comedy in which he ages twenty-nine years as a wild-eyed scientist
who puts two buddies on ice during the lull of the early '60s, only
to thaw out in the blur of the '90s.  The performance was inspired
"by something that happened five minutes before I got the part," he
says. Truly a man of the moment.