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Tenure: 6th season

Character: Detective Tim Bayliss

Memorable on-air moment: During a visit to New York, tried to
hit on Assistant District Attorney Claire Kincaid (Jill Hennessy
on NBC's "Law & Order"). No dice.

On the development of Bayliss: I'm really happy with what's
happened to him over those last six years. There's really been a
growth, from being this rookie who's learning things to going
through a period of becoming a little bit more cynical about the
work to finding a way of dealing with . . . [his] personal issues
through his work -- and that's helped the cases that he's been

On the visual style: In the first season, we had a camera that
moved around a lot. There were a lot of people out in television
land vomiting watching it, because of the ride that they were

On on-screen violence: It's not something that I'm really happy
about. But it's something that seems to be in style right now,
for these types of shows.

On TV's influence: I don't know until this world comes to an end
if any of this stuff really makes any difference at all, if having
violence on TV, and the way that we show violence on TV, will
have any impact. I don't think that people are watching our show
necessarily and are going out and committing homicides, crimes.
. . . There's a lot of suffering in my character's life, there's a
lot of suffering in the world, and I hope that we're holding up
some mirror to that. Maybe that's the best that you can do