Apparently Jigu was the name given Kyle Secor during a ceremony called a jukai, an installation with the Zen Peacemaker Order. During a Jukai a person would take certain vows and precepts to becoming a Buddhist. This occurs only after years of practice and study in Zen and only after your Sensi or Roshi believes you have become ready. You sew by hand your rakusu (It represents the robes that Buddha made out of rags) and then comes the Jukai. Your Sensei or Roshi carefully chooses a name for you that fits your nature or your essence and that name is bestowed on you during the ceremony and written on the back of the rakusu. 'Jigu" means 'Compassion of Not Knowing' According to the Buddhists the Compassion of Not Knowing is a wonderful state of existence since not knowing allows you to see without preconceived notions or prejudices, allowing you to be open to all possibilities and wonders of the universe. (Thanks to several people for the info!) They don't teach anything about that stuff at Catholic school and I can just imagine the nuns whipping out the ruler if I had asked about Buddhism back then.