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The Fun Continues

Swoop prepares to skydive down into the crowd of parade watchers and body surf the crowd.

Here is a list of the other Krewes that involve Kyle Secor. Surf on!

Kyle Secor links

10 great 3d Printers Large slide show of Kyle's acting roles by the KylePhiles Brenda. as the link above but in two smaller pieces for those with slower connections. This is part 1.

10 Great Cheap 3D Printers

Great Gaming Mouse Pad Reviews - Mailing list for the Kyle Philes, source of the latest information on his career and many interesting discussions about the man himself. - Yahoo club for Kyle

Fanlisting for Kyle Secor

Homicide links:

- Yahoo Homicide club with many photographs of Kyle Secor - Click Here For More Information - Links on the Sites for all things Homicide related

Philly links - Gaming Keyboard Reviews "Philly" section. - Click Here For Wall Mounted Pull Up Bars "Philly", upcoming show info and news articles. - Official site for actor Robert Harper - Judge Irwin Hawes - Philly episode information and synopsis page - Another episode guide and information page - "Philly" page at - "Philly" page at - Discussion boards for television shows

Endsville links