Taking that last look around the squad room before leaving  for Mardi Gras and fly fishing


News 2001


12-18-01 Tonight "Philly" at 10:00pm est and an article about how the show has improved from the Rocky Mountain News.

12-14-01 Official word is that "Philly" was picked up for the entire 22 season order this year, the entire back 9. Tom Everett Scott confirmed it on the Rosie O'Donnell Show this week.

12-11-01 Be sure and watch tonight's "Philly"

12-06-01 Kyle gets a mention on the Zap2it Best and Worst of the new season article under "Crossing Jordan" The ABC Board is now officially gone but there is an Yahoo Group for continued discussion of the show.

12-4-01 Link to the official Paramount Studios "Philly" page a mention of Kyle in the TV Gals column and word of the imminent closure of the message board for "Philly" at ABC. Wouldn't be surprised to see the entire site scaled back due to money/staff shortage in lean financial times for The Mouse. On the upside there are two sites on Yahoo you can continue to discuss the show - http://www.clubs.yahoo.com/clubs/bochcosphilly and http://clubs.yahoo.com/clubs/danielxcavanaugh . Enjoy.

11-28-01 Article from the Philadelphia papers that say it was only 5 episodes with an small interview with Kevin Hooks. Not exactly a vote of confidence by ABC.  From the Washington Post TV column comes news of "Philly" in the ratings numbers game.

11-27-01 From the Hollywood Reporter website, more news on the status of "Philly" with contradictory news at the Washington Post website. So is it 9 episodes or 5 we can expect?

 -ABC stops 'Thieves,' reheats 'Philly'
Nov. 27, 2001

ABC has pulled the plug on the Friday action/romantic dramedy series
"Thieves" after eight airings. Sources said production on the Warner
Bros. Television series wrapped Monday with completion of the 10th
episode from the show's 13-episode order.

Meanwhile, ABC is close to giving a partial pickup to the new Steven
Bochco drama "Philly" after two airings following "NYPD Blue" on
Tuesday. The drama starring Kim Delaney will receive an order for
five additional episodes and four scripts.

11-26-01 Official word that "Philly" has been picked up for the entire 22 week run comes from the Futon Critic website, TV Guide and Zap2it this morning.

11-20-01 Sneak preview of tonight's episode of "Philly" at Zap2it. Scroll down to the bottom of the page to view the video clip.

11-17-01 News about an upcoming guest star on "Philly" at Zap2it.com.

11-10-01 7:09pm  Article about "Philly" at Zap2it.com.

11-10-01 Just a quick reminder that complete episode details and synopsis can be found at the Kim Delaney site. Heard a rumor that Mr. Secor is up for a possible lead role in a production to be filmed in the UK. Will post links and details as soon as I get confirmed information. There is also a fan site for the actor Rick Hoffman of "Philly" too now.

11-01-01 Some scanty info on the "Philly" episodes through December at http://epiguides.com 

10-26-01 Check out November's upcoming Secor sightings on the television at Tv-Now. Sounds like Daniel X. Cavanaugh will have many reasons to throw male temper tantrums in November from their descriptions of upcoming storylines in "Philly" Be sure to catch "Delusion" on the Encore Movie Network, truly one of his strongest performances.

10-25-01 Piece in the Philadelphia Inquirer about future guest appearances on "Philly" and possible plans for the show. ABC printed my comments on the official "Philly" site, LOL I am excited!

10-24-01 The feature film, "Endsville" by Stick Figure Productions will be the closing film at a New York film festival on Sunday, November 4th at 5:30 pm at the Tribeca Grand Hotel located at 2 Avenue of the Americas. Seating appears to be extremely limited since it is the closing film. As soon as I get ticketing and festival info I will post it here. If you can possibly get out to see this one please do,  it is one of Kyle's better and more surprising projects.

10-24-01 Los Angeles Times article about the scheduling switcheroo for "Philly" - Remember no "Philly" Oct. 29th or Nov. 5. It will return at it's usual 10 pm slot on the following Tuesday night, Nov. 12th after "NYPD Blue"

Little for ABC to Be Thankful For
ABC once branded its Friday-night lineup "TGIF," as in "Thank God It's Friday," but it's hard to imagine the network is thankful for its performance on Friday or most other nights as this juncture.
Continuing a string of scheduling changes, ABC has pulled "The Mole II" from Fridays, with the Radio Music Awards to fill the void this week and a new ABC News magazine, "America 24/7," taking over the 8 p.m. hour beginning Nov. 2.
The assumption is that recent events have resulted in a heightened appetite for news. In fact, with ABC chiming in, there will be a newsmagazine on at 8, 9 and 10 p.m. on Friday nights. ABC is also hoping a bigger audience at 8 p.m. will help prop up the rest of its Friday lineup, which consists of the new drama "Thieves" and "Once and Again."
Still, with so many holes in ABC's schedule, some wonder if such program shuffling amounts to rearranging deck chairs on a sinking ship. Another stunt, meanwhile, involves repeating the 90-minute pilot for "Alias" next Tuesday, which will serve the dual purpose of boosting exposure for the Sunday-night show while filling an hour that's been occupied by the struggling "Bob Patterson" and "Philly."

10-22-01 Article in Entertainment Weekly with a mention of Kyle.

10-12-01 And the scheduling shakeup did in fact occur but it looks like good news for "Philly" in this Zap2it piece and at the Washington Post.

10-11-01 News of a possible scheduling shake-up at ABC for Tuesday nights. No specific mention of "Philly" or Kyle Secor in this Washington Post article about ABC rating problems on Tuesdays.

10--5-01 Article from Philadelphia about the research that went into the legal portrayal of the Court system in Philadelphia of the show.

10-02-01 Article and video on RealPlayer about "Philly" at the Philadelphia ABC affiliate. Click here.

9-30-01 Scheduling news on his projects!

Sunday Feb. 2nd On ABC's The Wonderful World of Disney - "A Wrinkle In Time" will be shown and below are a few of his older TV movies that you might be interested in seeing

"Midwest Obsession" will be on the Lifetime Movie Network on Oct. 30 at 6:15 pm and again on Oct. 31 at 6:00 am

"Mind Games" will be shown on USA Network on Friday Oct. 26 at 12:30 pm.

9-25-01 5:00 pm This list landed on the Kyle Philes mailing list courtesy of Brenda G.


Palm Beach Post - Kevin Thompson


"Delaney isn't the only standout, though. Cast against type, Kyle
Secor (Homicide: Life of the Street) is downright charming -- and
frightening -- as Kathleen's fast-track assistant district attorney
ex-husband who sports a terrifying mean streak."


Miami Herald - Terry Jackson


"Kyle Secor, who was fabulous on Homicide: Life on The Street,
plays Maguire's ex-husband Daniel."

South Florida Sun-Sentinel - Tom Jicha


"Kyle Secor, a killer cop in Monday's pilot of Crossing Jordan,
has a regular gig in Philly as Kathleen's sarcastic ex-spouse,
who's anxious to see her fail."


Seattle Post-Intelligencer - John Levesque


"WE LIKE: The writing. It's a notch above standard law-show fare.
Also nice to see Federal Way's Kyle Secor back in a weekly series.
He plays arrogant, hard-charging assistant district attorney Daniel
X. Cavanaugh, the ex-husband of Delaney's Kathleen Maguire. They
have a son whose custody is at issue because Cavanaugh doesn't
like the low-lifes his former wife chooses to defend and befriend."


Buffalo News - Alan Pergament


"Her ex-husband, Danny (Kyle Secor of "Homicide," who guest starred
as the murderer in Monday's premiere of "Crossing Jordan"), is the
district attorney. Danny appears to have a bright political future
ahead of him if he doesn't throw it all away by mistreating his ex-

"The bitterness becomes much more obvious in next week's episode,
which features one of the most hurtful exchanges between a divorced
couple that you will ever see on television."


Salt Lake City Deseret News - Scott D. Pierce


"A single mother, Kathleen also has a 10-year-old son (Scott
Leavenworth) and an extremely hostile ex-husband (Kyle Secor), who
also happens to be an assistant district attorney."


The New York Times - Caryn James (requires free registration)
(review of "Philly" and "Crossing Jordan")


"Kim Delaney, who played the streetwise detective Diane Russell
in "N.Y.P.D. Blue," is now a streetwise lawyer named Kathleen
Maguire, with a 10-year-old son and a vicious ex-husband, an
assistant D.A. played by — here he is again — Kyle Secor, who
turns up like some cad running from one television heroine to
another. (At least they're in different cities.)"


New York Daily News - Erik Mink


"A bright kid (the son) embittered by the divorce, Patrick has a
knack for playing one parent against another. The "ex," Daniel
Cavanaugh (Kyle Secor), is a prosecutor on the fast track to
elective office. He never misses a chance to make his former
wife look bad in their son's eyes."


LA Times - Howard Rosenberg


"None of this is very distinguished. (referring to the pilot ep) Yet
here's the carrot: Next week's new, improved second "Philly" is quite
good, giving Maguire quality time with her loving but resentful
fifth-grader son and interesting combat time with her ex-husband
(Kyle Secor), an assistant D.A. with political ambitions. Their
mutual antipathy exposes flaws in each of them."


Philadelphia Daily News - Ellen Gray


"A single mother, Kathleen's going to be forced to throw herself on
the mercy of her unpleasant ex-husband, up-and-coming assistant DA
Daniel X. Cavanaugh (Kyle Secor), to pick up their son after school."


Yahoo News - Phil Gallo


"Her ex-husband is the vengeful and bitter Daniel X. Cavanaugh
(Kyle Secor playing way against type), whose temper escalated to
battery and crushed their marriage. Their son Patrick (Scotty
Leavenworth) is a human tetherball being swung from side to side
with no results; his attitude toward mom is resentful and negative,
dad is Mr. Fun, no matter how devious he may in truth be behind
Kathleen's back."


9-25-01 7:00 am Reviews of "Philly" from the LA Times, Washington Post, USA Today and two different reviews from the Philadelphia Inquirer, One and Two.

9-24-01 Reviews of "Crossing Jordan" from the Washington PostUSA Today and the LA Times

9-23-01 Reviews of "Crossing Jordan" and "Philly" from the Washington Post. No direct mentions of Kyle, though but an interesting take on the ABC/Disney Corporation thinking on their shows.

9-21-01 Review of "Crossing Jordan" with a mention of Kyle from Yahoo.

9-19-01 Bit in the IMDB files about the colorful language expected to be bandied about on "Philly" Speculating on what it might be I would have to say it is possibly that word that starts with an F and rhymes with Puck. Hate to be the bearer of bad tidings but that very word was uttered on primetime television by eyewitnesses of the TWC tragedy on NBC one evening, someone beat Bochco and Co. to the punch.

9-17-01 Review of "Philly" from the Philadelphia Inquirer newspaper - Kyle's role is described as "evil ex" (why is it that all ex's are shown as evil on tv?)

9-16-01 From Soap Opera Weekly (Thanks to http://www.kimdelany.org  's Dina)

Make That Philly Blue
Soap Opera Weekly

Philly looks exactly like Steven Bochco's NYPD Blue. Instead of cops running up precinct steps, lawyers are running up courtroom steps.

OK, that aside, Philly does make a valiant attempt to be different from the other lawyer shows currently on the air; it's much more story-driven than character-driven. Like Blue, the crimes are pretty gruesome. And, also like Blue, there is a very realistic feel to the daily grind of a lawyer's life. The series is clearly a showcase for Kim Delaney's Kathleen Maguire, a divorced mother who recently graduated from law school and is now working as a defense attorney in Philadelphia. Kathleen is appealing, but every other main character, and many supporting ones, are incredibly unsympathetic. There's Tom Everett Scott playing her smarty-pants law partner, Will Froman, and usual nice guy Kyle Secor playing an extraordinarily cruel ex-husband who says such things as, "The worst day of my life was the day I met you."

Philly is well-written, well-acted and well-produced. But does everyone have to be so mean?

9-14-01 Looks like ABC made the same right decision that the other networks did and pushed back the premieres of the new shows including "Philly" by a week during this terrible and tragic time. Which is good because suddenly things like television shows seem rather unimportant and petty in a world of madness on the brink of war. Information on the scheduling changes at http://tv.zap2it.com/news/tvnewsdaily.html?20524

9-13-01 The premiere of "Crossing Jordan" has been understandably delayed one week by the tragic events of the last few days. No word on if ABC will delay "Philly" Our thoughts and prayers go out to all involved and all Americans at this time. 

9-8-01 Small mentions in Soap Opera Digest, Entertainment Weekly, Biograpy Magazine, US Magazine and Soap Opera Weekly about the premiere of "Philly" Here is the one from Soap Opera Weekly.

Series Premiere
Philly Goes To Court

Even before Kathleen Maguire (Kim Delaney) has finished her first cup of coffee, her law partner Marion (Joanna Cassidy in a chilling performance) has a complete meltdown in a courtroom on the Sept. 18 debut of ABC's "Philly"

"In the classic tradition of a (Steven Bocho) pilot," executive producer and director Kevin Hooks notes, "you have a scene that is a shocker. It propels you into Kathleen's sensibility and what she has to deal with."

Unlike other law dramas, Hooks says, "The system is the villian here as opposed to the defense and the prosecution. We deal less with the good and the evil and more with the system and the flaws in it. All of our scripts start first thing in the morning and they end toward the end of the day." About 20 percent of the show will deal with Kathleen's personal life and relationships.

"Philly" airs Tuesdays at 10 pm Check local listings


9-07-01 ABC Television has the official webpage up for the show and it is GORGEOUS! A real gem with tons of information and photographs.

9-06-01 Publicity pictures from "Philly" available at a Canadian TV website and at Kimdelaney.org. The CTV site listed the character name as Danny Cunnigham but I think that is a typo.

8-31-01 Kyle's character's in the pilot of "Crossing Jordan" is Detective Collins according to the NBC Website.

8-29-01 Court TV to Air The Hollywood At Large Primetime Preview Friday, September 14th At 9 PM

Updated: Tue, Aug 28 9:41 AM EDT

NEW YORK (ENTERTAINMENT WIRE) - On Friday, September 14th at 9:00 PM ET/PT, Court TV's weekly half-hour series Hollywood At Large (which airs regularly at 6:30 PM ET/PT every Friday) will present the newest crime and justice television series for the 2001-2002 season in the special The Hollywood at Large Primetime Preview.

Writer/producer and OZ creator Tom Fontana will join Hollywood At Large host Wendy Walsh to co-host the one-hour special.

The special will present an insider's view of the new fall series as well as personal profiles of some the show's stars. Some of the new shows presented will be NBC's U.C.: Undercover and Crossing Jordan (starring Jill Hennessy), ABC's Alias, Theives (starring John Stamos) and Philly (starring Kim Delaney), CBS's The Guardian and The Agency (starring Gill Bellows and Gloria Reuben), FOX's Pasadena, The Tick and 24 (starring Kiefer Sutherland) and the WB's Smallville. In addition, the program will take a look at the changes in several of the returning crime and justice television series and will examine the history of crime and justice television.

"In conjunction with the public's ongoing fascination with crime in television, movies, books and the internet, we are delighted to present The Hollywood At Large Primetime Preview," commented Art Bell, Executive Vice President, Programming and Marketing, Court TV. "This special one-hour presentation is the first of several specials we plan on doing under the Hollywood At Large brand."

Tom Fontana is currently the Executive Producer and creator of "OZ," HBO's first hour-long drama series. In its first season, "OZ" won three Cable Ace Awards, including Best Drama and the prize for Outstanding Series from The Cinema Tout Ecran Festival in France.

During the seven year run of "HOMICIDE: LIFE ON THE STREET" on NBC, Fontana earned an Emmy Award in the category of Outstanding Individual Writing For A Drama Series, two Writers' Guild Awards, three Peabody Awards and four Television Critics Awards for his work as Writer and Executive Producer. In February of 2000, NBC aired "HOMICIDE: THE MOVIE," the finale of the series, which he wrote and produced and for which he was nominated for another Emmy. As a Writer/Producer on "ST. ELSEWHERE," Fontana was honored with two Emmy Awards, the Peabody Award, the Humanitas Prize and the Writers' Guild Award, among others. Fontana also wrote the ABC special "The Fourth Wiseman," which starred Martin Sheen and Alan Arkin and created "The Beat" which featured Mark Ruffalo. He was the executive producer of "American Tragedy" for CBS and "Shot In The Heart" for HBO Films.

Hollywood at Large is a weekly show that brings crime and justice fans face to face with the latest celebrity legal news and the hottest motion pictures and television series in the crime and justice arena. The show airs every Friday evening at 6:30 PM ET/PT.

Court TV (www.courttv.com or AOL keyword: Court TV), a basic cable network, provides a window on the American system of justice through distinctive programming that both informs and entertains. As the destination for crime and justice programming, Court TV broadcasts trials by day and compelling stories of the criminal justice system in the evening. A service of AOL Time Warner and Liberty Media Corp., Court TV has over 60 million subscribers and expects to reach 65 million by early 2002


8-22-01 Article giving a bit more info on the plot line of "Philly" premiere.

8-21-01 Several Yahoo clubs formed for the show "Philly" at http://www.clubs.yahoo.com/clubs/danielxcavanaugh and http://www.clubs.yahoo.com/clubs/bochosphilly, there is a message board for the show "Philly" at ABC.  

8-16-01 Someone from one of the Kyle discussion lists forwarded me this link that I missed yesterday. It's more video clips from "Philly" Watch close and watch hard to see Kyle in one of them, part looks kind of small in this show.

8-15-01 Small mention of Kyle in today's Zap2it coverage of the new season. Nothing on any of the pages about the upcoming Disney Miniseries, "A Wrinkle In Time" - most oddly enough. Here is a list of times/dates of premieres. Unfortunately it seems that again Zap2it has dropped the ball as they show "Philly" and "Jordan's Crossing" running exactly opposite each other on the 17th of September unlike the official ABC site which shows "Philly" on the 18th.

8-9-01 Official word on the premiere of "Philly" from Zap2it. Tuesday, September 18th at 10:00 EST on ABC.

8-6-01 The premiere for "Crossing Jordan" that Kyle appears in is scheduled for Monday, September 17th at 10:00 EST on NBC.

8-1-01 Not really new news more like old news, here is a link to an interview with Yaphet Kotto on the cancellation of Homicide. However, he did have some pleasant and revealing things to say about Kyle.

7-18-01 Quite a few articles about "Philly" at the Kim Delaney website. http://www.kimdelaney.org/phillynews

6-26-01 Bit longer "Crossing Jordan" clip with much more Kyle Secor available at NBC's homepage. Click on the show's name to go right to the site.

6-20-01 Several clips of the upcoming shows for 2001 fall season including a clip of "Philly"  Kyle is not in the clip but you get a feel for the show from it. There is however, a clip of Kyle in the trailer for "Crossing Jordan". Clip is every HLOTS fans wildest fantasy as Kyle is handcuffed to the bed. Click on the name of each show to get to the clips page. Considering how racy some of Bocho's productions are I am wondering how much "Philly" will reveal. Wondering if we will see that fun game, "Sex with the Ex". Several good articles about the show at Zap2it site.

5-23-01 There was a mention of Kyle in the Chicago Tribune with word not just about "Philly" but news of his role as a bad guy on another show. Lifted this straight from the article which is available at "Links on the Sites" Here it is - Kyle Secor (Bayliss) pops up in two pilots, as a bad guy in "Crossing Jordan" and a regular, the apparent ex-hubby in "Philly."

5-14-01 ABC announced their fall lineup and "Philly" will be on Tuesday evenings at 10 pm EST.

5-1-01 ABC BEGINS 'A WRINKLE IN TIME’ LOS ANGELES — ABC is starting production in Vancouver on the four-hour miniseries “A Wrinkle in Time,” starring Emmy-winner Alfre Woodard, Kate Nelligan and Alison Elliott (”The Buccaneers”). Adapted for TV by Susan Shilliday and directed by John Kent Harrison, the mini costars Kyle Secor (”Homicide: Life on the Streets”), Chris Potter (”Queer as Folk”), Sarah-Jane Redmond (”Harsh Realm”), David Dorfman, Katie Stuart (”The Crow: Stairway to Heaven”) and Gregory Smith. The mini is based on the classic children’s book by Madeleine L’Engle, which tells the story of a girl (Stuart), her mentally gifted younger brother (Dorfman) and a friend (Smith) who, with the help of three eccentric unearthly women (Woodard, Nelligan and Elliott), embark on a journey to rescue their lost father (Potter), a scientist studying time travel, and his partner (Secor). Produced by BLT Prods. and Fireworks International to be distributed by Miramax Television, in association with Dimension Films, the project marks the first television adaptation of the 1962 novel. “Wrinkle” had been in development as a feature at Miramax for years before being revamped as a miniseries for Miramax’s Disney sibling ABC. “Wrinkle” is Miramax’s and Dimension’s first foray into longform TV. The two-part movie will air on consecutive Sundays in the 2001-02 season as part of ABC’s “The Wonderful World of Disney.”

4-26-01 Another role for Kyle, this time as part of a Disney mini series being filmed in Vancouver, B.C. right now. Name of the project is "A Wrinkle In Time" based on the children's book. More information here.

4-17-01 Today it was announced that Kyle will be returning to television this fall in Steven Bochcos latest series as Kim Delaneys characters ex-husband, a lawyer. For more news click here

3-21-01 News on how "Bailey's Mistake" whipped the ratings pants off it's competitors from the Washington Post

baileysmistakead.JPG (74649 bytes)

'Bailey's Mistake'  Linda Hamilton Returns to TV

If left-over leprechauns from St. Patrick's Day festivities are still stepdancing in your head by Sunday evening, beware of ABC's "Bailey's Mistake" at 7. It's a fanciful story in which it's hard to separate the blarney from the truth.

Linda Hamilton, who co-starred in "Beauty and the Beast," a CBS fantasy series in the  80's, plays a widow who is shocked to learn that her late husband may have had another life an apparently spent their life savings to buy an island.

To learn what her husband has done with their money, LIz Donovan drives from her home in Philadelphia to the island of Bailey's Mistake in Maine with her 9-year-old son and her sullen teenage daughter (Jesse James and Paz de la Huerta).

It's a magical place with some truly eccentric people, including the hefty mailman who wears a skirt; the village mayor ("the Other Mrs. Donovan"); the wealthy landowner (Kyle Secor) who may be the devil; and Aunt Angie (Joan Plowright), who expected Liz to bring her husband's body to be buried there.

She learns they are descendants of Irish Travelers, often called "tinkers" or "gypsies," people with a nomadic lifestyle and unique speech who account for less than 1 percent of today's Irish population.

"Bailey's Mistake" was shot in Nova Scotia last May and June and was so chilly, Hamilton said, "I sent for my winter coat. [Canadian] Customs held onto it and wanted to know what I would be doing with a winter coat in June."

Nevertheless, she said, "Halifax was a place I'd been before, and wanted to return to, because it's reminiscent of the Chesapeake Bay," she said. "I just love [the Bay], I always have, Chestertown, Still Pond, Rock Hall - they're among the most magical places I've ever seen. I'm shopping for a little piece of property around there."

Born and reared in Salisbury, Md., Hamilton was 5 when her father, a physician, was killed in a car crash. Her mother remarried, and Hamilton began her acting career in children's theater and high school plays, continuing at Washington College in Chestertown. 

Her relatives still live in this area. Her identical twin, a nurse, and their brother, an administrator in a half-way house for the emotionally disturbed, live in Delaware. An older sister who is an attorney in Georgetown lives in Reston.

After two years at Washington College, Hamilton headed to New York in 1976 to pursue acting. But it wasn't until she moved to Los Angeles that she landed a plum: the co-lead in "Beauty and the Beast," opposite Ron Perlman, a CBS series that aired from 1987 to 1990. For her work, she earned Emmy, Golden Globe and People's Choice Award nominations.

In 1982, she not only appeared in the movie, "Tag-The Assassination Game," but also married co-star Bruce Abbott, who had played a psychopath trying to kill her. Their son, Dalton, was born in 1989, but they divorced soon afterward.

Hamilton may be best know for her role as Sarah Conner in director James Cameron's 1984 film, "the Terminator" and in "Terminator 2: Judgment Day," in 1991.  She and Cameron, who have a daughter, Josephine, were married in 1997, while he was making "Titanic." In December 1998, Hamilton filed for divorce.

Now, Hamilton said, she devotes herself to her children. Dalton is in fifth grade, Josa in second. "They're fascinating, and you can talk to them now that they've both reached the age of reason," she said. "Dalton will be in junior high next year and he'll really need me then."

Meanwhile, Hamilton said she keeps so busy between her children's activities and her own that she claims "there's not a day when I really miss acting." Last year, she said, she took a college course in Spanish. "Life is full of things to learn." she said, "I believe in college education for everyone."

Still, even if she says she doesn't miss acting, she's kept busy in the field, doing a cable movie, a broadcast movie, a theatrical movie and a stage play all within the past year.

In addition to "Bailey's Mistake," she also made, "It's a Girl Thing" for Showtime and "Skeletons in the Closet," a feature film scheduled to be released next year. She also starred in "Laura" for six weeks at the Tiffany Theatre in Los Angeles.

And she's optioned a script that she hopes to star in and produce, "Agnus MacVee," the story of a woman who ran a hotel in British Columbia and likely was a murderer.

"She's a true historical character from the Canadian Western frontier," said Hamilton. "It's a wonderful, dark tale, a small feature film. I haven't done my Western yet-I've got to play this woman.

1-31-01 - FINALLY!!! An airdate for "Bailey's Mistake" after months of some rather stupid speculations everywhere.

TV Guide Insider

Linda Hamilton had some serious doubts about playing a mother of two devastated by her husband's recent death in the ABC movie-of-the-week, Bailey's Mistake (airing March 18). However, she then learned that the telepic was, strangely enough, a whimsical comedy.

"The woman in grief, the woman recovering from loss — I've done all that in real life," the Terminator 2 heroine admits to TV Guide Online. "I was after something funny. I loved the fascinating collection of eccentrics who live on a magical island owned by my character's late husband."

Facing life as a single mom with two kids is something Hamilton knows something about. The actress — who endured a tumultuous and very public break-up with Titanic director James Cameron — is raising her two children, 11-year-old Dylan (son with actor-ex Bruce Abbott) and eight-year old Josephine (daughter with Cameron) alone. "The hardest part was having my heartbreak become national and international news," she says of her divorce. "You realize that your broken marriage has become fodder for other people.

"People would say to me, 'I can't go anywhere without seeing your face,'" she remembers, "but they didn't address the fact that it was because my marriage had just fallen apart. That's the kind of world we're growing up in."

In spite of the pain, Hamilton reveals that some good came out of her failed marriage. "I think it was only when Jim and I broke up that I truly realized I had made my own impact on the world," she says. "It seemed like I heard from every person I had ever met — from make-up artists to ministers from churches I hadn't been to in ten years. People sought me out to give me their support.

"It changed my life," she continues. "I realized for the first time that I'm loved. That's a great lesson to take away from something tragic." — Jeanne Wolf

News 2000