This parade keeps growing and shows signs of being very different than the ones that have come before. His tie does go nicely with the colors here, don't ya think? But I do wonder why it's purple in most pictures, an interesting character quirk? And yes, I do know that two of the floats are the same, one is slightly larger than the other. Couple of the photos are courtesy of Thanks! The last two were lifted from the official website at ABC television. For Screen Caps of each episode along with a complete detailed synopsis of each episode, go to Lots of good pictures of Kyle as Daniel X. Cavanaugh. For a different take on Dan, click here for "Deconstructing Daniel X." a bit of the backstory/pilot script that ended up not being shown. Helps explain a bit of this complex guy.


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For even more pictures of Kyle in his role of Assistant District Attorney Daniel X. Cavanaugh please visit the Screen Caps page at

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