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Looks like he is about to ride the New Orleans Police Dept Float in this picture

Below is a listing of all the Mardi Gras floats Kyle has ridden on during his long career. Stole this list directly from the Internet Movie Data Base. heheheh I have written a small review of each. Of course I am only speaking for myself so if you should have a different opinion and wanna write a review email it to me here at  and I will post it. Also included is a Lookability Index based upon his appearance on the float, sort of the equivalent of standing on Bourbon Street and shouting up at the balconies of people, " Show us your ***s, show us your ***"

"Santa Barbara" - TV Series - Brian Bradford (1986-1987)

Review - Recently a kind person sent me a copy of some of Kyle's scenes in Santa Barbara since I missed viewing this the first time around. It was odd seeing him so youthful looking but a real treat to see just how much Kyle has improved from this first television appearance. He did a decent job with the soap opera-ish dialogue of his character, the novel-writing, escaped mental patient. 

Lookability - 6 on the scale, too perfect looking in some ways. Nice mini-mullet hairdo.


"St. Elsewhere" - TV Series - Bret Johnson (1987)

Review - ?

Lookability - ?


"Inherit The Wind"  - TV Movie - Bertram Cates (1988)

Review - Kyle played a teacher that dared teach Darwin's theory of evolution in the early part of the 20th century. Even as young as he was he still managed to hold his own against the experienced Oscar nominees and winners Jason Robards and Kirk Douglas, a wonderfully nuanced performance. A class production of the play about the Scopes Monkey Trial.

Lookability - 8 - So young here, all earnest handsomeness and pouffed hair. But thank God the eighties hairstyles have faded into obscurity now.


"Shootout" - TV Movie - (1988)

Review - ?

Lookability - ?


"The Outside Woman" - TV Movie - Jimmy Leonard - (1989)

Review - He doesn't appear in the first 40 minutes of the film but eventually appears on the grounds of the Louisiana State Penitentiary at Angola as a Lifer sorting green beans. (Always wondered what they did with the produce grown there.) Kyle didn't get a tremendous amount of screen time or dialogue being the third escapee of one of the few semi-successful jail breaks out of Angola. The prison is ringed by the Atchafalaya River on three sides so if the river's swift current doesn't get you the gators will. Mr. Secor did a believable job as a young con and his southern accent wasn't bad. Found the movie rather enjoyable but then again I liked it more than most of his television films because it was filmed on location in Louisiana and there were familiar places on screen. Funny scene involving the cons, a van and an 18-wheeler truck in the Harvey Tunnel.

Lookability - 8 - Baby con with a great smile. He would have been popular in Angola.


"Heart of Dixie" - Film - Charles Tucker (Tuck) - (1989)

Review - Kyle did a great job playing the rich southern boy college paper editor in this dreary film about college life and racism in the Deep South. Even his fake southern accent was fairly convincing. Worth seeing just to eyeball Kyle. Got a laugh when they mentioned "GDI"'s on campus, hadn't heard that particular acronym since my own college days spent sneering at the Frat Rats and assorted groups.

Lookability - 6 - Didn't particularly care for the hair motor oiled down to his skull but he did look extremely cute in those Uber Preppy clothes.


"Tales From The Crypt" - "The Thing From The Grave" - TV Series - The Thing - (1990)

Review - ?

Lookability - 7 - Kyle looked his usual attractive self, at least till he morphed into a zombie.


"Sleeping With The Enemy" - Film - Dr. Fleishman - (1991)

Review - Another movie that I really disliked and have very little patience with. Good thing that movie wasn't about me or it would have been 5 minutes long, the first time that man beat me for not lining up the towels on the towel rack he would have been dead on the floor from a cast iron skillet upside of his head. But Kyle was great again even if he was only onscreen for maybe 5 minutes. Take my advice, rent the movie, fast forward past all the stupid stuff and watch his scene only.

Lookability - 5- Scored low due to the entire Yuppie scum on vacation look, not one of his better ones.


"Late For Dinner" - Film - Leland Shakes - (1991)

Review - This was a surprisingly interesting movie, not bad at all. Kyle wasn't particularly outstanding and he wasn't on screen very long, but he did ok. He played a man that was in charge of a cryogenics facility in Pomona, CA

Lookability - 7 as young Leland Shakes and 2 as Leland Shakes 29 years older. Looked not much different than in The Doctor. I loved him as an older Leland Shakes, big belly, silver hair and pompous manners, LOL...Kyle with a beer belly!

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"The Doctor" - Film - Alan - (1991)

Review - You know what the ironic thing is about this film? I saw it many times and do not remember Kyle's performance. I will have to rent it at Blockbuster and see it again just to do this review. I was working in 1991 as a projectionist at the local movie theatre and I was busy the day that film came in and I assembled all the reels out of sequence accidentally. Ran the film that way for an entire week and no one once noticed it made no sense till I was dissembling the reels.

9-9-00 Ok, so I finally broke down and watched this again and now I remember Kyle in it. I remember thinking at the time this movie came out that he was really nice looking. Kyle did a good job as a know-it-all intern/medical student. The movie is worth watching but not near enough Kyle in it and sort of slow moving.

Lookability - 8 He looked great in this film and I loved the scene at the very end where William Hurt forced him to don one of those hospital gowns, you know that type that leave your rear end swaying in the air and feeling most breezy underneath. Everyone else's gown swam on them but poor Kyle's was so small I thought we were about to see more of him than anticipated.


"City Slickers" - Film - Jeff - (1991)

Review - Really loved this film, it was funny and full of action. Kyle turned in a convincing performance as a Cowboy, riding, roping, shooting and acting mean. Definitely worth seeing. Only thing I didn't like was Kyle was onscreen not near enough.  Loved when he punched Billy Crystal.

Lookability - 2 - Every time I watch this film I have the sudden and insane urge to throw him in the cattle trough and scrub him down with lye soap and a hog bristled brush.


"Delusion" - Film - Chevy Cox - (1991)

Review - Another good film and for once Kyle had a pretty meaty part, one of the three leads of the film so he was on screen for much of the time. He played a small time hit man with some interesting quirks. Even if you have to drive your local Blockbuster nuts to find you a copy, it is well worth the headache and you can view a clip of this film at www.bigstar.comOnly thing that was not so good was his strange accent.  

Lookability - 9 - Hate to give anyone a ten but he was rather sexy as the demented Chevy. I loved him in this role.

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"Siege at Marion"  - TV Movie - Adam Swapp - (1992)

Review - The movie left a lot to be desired but Kyle was extremely convincing as the renegade, self-styled prophet, polygamist  leader of a family. I got chills during the scene where he was kneeling in the snow praying. The movie is just another sad story of a American  dysfunctional family going off the deep end of religion and being persecuted by the local authorities. 

Lookability - 8 - I love a man in tight jeans and a fringed leather vest and matching boots! LOL


 "Eerie Indiana" - TV Series - (1992)

Review - Kyle played a character in a soap opera that one of the series regulars was watching during the show. He wasn't on screen very long but when he did appear it was too funny. Looks as though he and the female lead were doing almost an over-the-top parody of the soap genre. He was denying making "Sticky Buns" with some other woman. A very bad boy.

Lookability - 8 - Oh yeah, baby! Jeans, T-shirt and button up shirt combining with that scruffy facial hair made those five minutes very enjoyable indeed.


"Middle Ages" - TV Series - Brian - (1992)

Review - Very believable as yummy scum business type, reminded me of various bosses I have had in the past. Kyle was very convincing as a man that wasn't too self-aware but incredibly self-absorbed, too bad this show was not on the air very long as it would have been interesting to have seen if this character would have been further developed

Lookability - 8 - He definitely looked good, something about a suit and him that just go well together and he had better suits on this show than on HLOTS. But those shirts! LOL those shirts were too funny and loud, very LA looking.


"Untamed Heart" - Film - Howard - (1992)


Review - Didn't care either for the movie or Kyle's performance in it. He just didn't seem natural or comfortable as someone attempting to rape a girl. Plus the rest of the movie was way too mushy for me. But it might have been interesting to have seen Kyle playing the main role instead of Christian Slater.

Lookability - 7 - I loved the way he took off that girl's glove!


"Silent Victim" - TV Movie - Jed Jackson - (1992)

Review - This was the worse movie he did (IMHO) and that is saying a lot if you look at some of those Lifetime type movies he has done. He played a man that was supposedly an abusive husband, but where I come from if someone hits you first like his wife on the film did, its natural to pop them back. He did a decent job but there wasn't much he could have done to have rescued this stinker. Laughed my ass off watching him watch lesbians on television  while he drank beer and sanded his cradle, typical guy behavior.

Lookability - 7 - Loved the apron and again I am powerless in the vision of the tight jeans.


"Homicide:Life On The Street" - TV Series NBC- Detective Timothy J. Bayliss. - (1993-1999)

Review - What can I possibly say that has not already been said about The Best Damn Television Show in History. Nothing!

Lookability - 10+ - If I have to explain it to you then there is no hope! Once a man asked me why Tim was so universally fancied by the female viewers of HLOTS and I had to attempt to explain it to him. You just wanted to corrupt young long-haired puppy dog Bayliss and short haired mentally unbalanced Bayliss makes you want to mother him right before you seduce him. 


"NYPD Blue" - TV Series ABC- Dr. Danny Schrager - (1994)

Review - (This is courtesy of Mktbtoy) Only saw a bit of it one night while my bambina was performing a late-night "lets-keep-keep-mommy-up-until-the-crack-of-dawn" stunt. But I do remember that his character was dating Det. Kelly's ex-wife and I think there were some threats made against her. So Kyle's character goes down to the police station to talk to Kelly. Get this: he plays a pediatric cardiologist. I about fell off the chair laughing, remembering how Tim's mom wanted him to be a doctor. That is all I can remember as it was past 1:30 am and my child was up dancing about the living room. He did look well I thought. He had that early HLOTS sweetness about him, the longer hair and the puppy dog look.

1-28-01 Editors note - I finally saw this episode. He played an overtly impressed with himself doctor quite convincingly. The main problem with his appearance was that if you blinked or had to go to the bathroom you missed it, way too short of screentime.

Lookability - Forgive me Reed, but I have to give this one a 9. Something about Kyle in a nice suit and coat looking all earnest does it to me every time! Nothing like a handsome man stylishly dressed.

Editors note - Give him an 8, he did have better threads than Detective Bayliss.


"Midnight Runaround" - TV Movie - Dale - (1994)

Review - Pretty funny little movie with Kyle playing someone you start out thinking is a bad boy but actually turns out to have a heart of gold so you start rooting for him to outwit all of the bounty hunters after his hide. Kyle hit this ball out of the ballpark like he usually does. His accent was even convincing for once. 

Lookability -8 - Looked damn good as that countrified boy, something about that hair....


"Drop Zone" - Film - Swoop - (1994)

Review -  Even thought this film was sort of confusing and disjointed it was actually pretty good even if Kyle wasn't the star of the movie. It was one of those action/adventure thingies that guys filled with testosterone seem to enjoy the most. Swoop's infectious joy and insane sky-diving stole the film from Wesley Snipes. Another case of Kyle giving an awesome performance without much to work with.

Lookability - 9 - Swoop seems like the kind of guy you could have a really good time with, quite uninhibited and fun. The perfect partner for some Mardi Gras revelries and high-jinks.


"Midwest Obsession" - TV Movie - Kevin Reese - (1995)

Review - Bad made for TV movie but Kyle was spectacular with the bad material, his acting transcends the silliness of the storyline. I don't care if this was based on a real story it was still bad. Kyle played a farmer being chased by a mentally unbalanced beauty queen. Kyle and woman playing his character's true love Beth (Tracy Gold) had less chemistry than a box of rocks and Kyle's character was beyond clueless till the very end of the movie.

Lookability - OFF the charts in this film - He was so sexy as the befuddled farmer. A must see!


"Her Desperate Choice" - TV Movie - Jim Rossi - (1996)

Review - This movie was better than I expected considering what "Lifetime: Network for Woman - Translation Men as evil villains and women as hapless victims of love" usually cranks out. It's still sort of a tear-jerker about a woman on the run from her ex that molested their daughter. Not the sort of movie I recommend if you are depressed or on heavy-duty mind altering drugs like steroids. Kyle's character was just a nice veterinarian with obvious rescue fantasies as he swept the hapless helpless female off her feet and took care of her. As usual he was convincing in his role and transcended the less than great storyline, writing and bad acting of the others in the production. 

Lookability -  8 -Nice looking even in that Sears and Roebuck wardrobe.


"Someone Is Waiting" - Movie (I think, no info on it beyond it's listing at IMDB) - Mark - (1997)


"Mind Games" aka "Trauma" - TV Movie - Doug Berrick - (1998)

Review - 10-26-01 They finally reran this one and it wasn't what I would call a great movie. Entire story boils down to a family with a problem child goes to an evil shrink who decides to bed Mr. Berrick and goes to great lengths to screw with everyone's minds to assure this happening.  Sort of a burbian version of Midwest Obsession complete with murders and lies, missing this time was the complete cluelessness of the man. Kyle's Doug Berrick was far smarter and more savvy than a simple farmer. Again, a good performance out of a rather unbelievable story. Intense performance in parts, that man can yell and bellow loudly! He was so tender with the kids and believable as a man frustratedly attempting to deal with family problems, even making a few missteps himself along the way.

Lookability - 8- Very nice looking with a few silver hairs in the beard. Very sexy indeed.


"Party Of Five" - TV Series FOX- Evan Stillman - (1999)

Review - Sorry, could not bring myself to watch more than a few minutes. Like watching Pavarotti cavorting with the Back Street Boys.

Lookability - 3 - At least he was clean but I think that a gray sweater everyday is not the way to go!


"Beat" - Film - Dave Kammerer - (2000)


Review - This film about the Beat Generation was merely ok, nothing brilliant about it even as Courtney Love was surprisingly sympathetic as Joan Volmer, wife of William S. Burroughs. Somewhat depressingly dreary.  Kyle didn't get very much screen time but as usual he makes the most of his slight part, bringing the character of Dave Kammerer, a man strongly under the influence of love/lust to life in a surprising way. This film points out one of the reasons that Secor is fascinating to watch on screen as he brings something different to life in each of his characterizations. One of his scenes is a bit difficult to watch.

Lookability - 8, Nice scruffy look, beard and glasses. See the screen caps in the Parade of Hairstyles.

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"Homicide - The Movie" - TV Movie NBC- Tim Bayliss - (2000)

Review - Disliked this movie for what they ended up doing to the character of Tim Bayliss. Kyle should have been nominated for an Emmy for his rooftop scene with Andre Braugher.

Lookability - Too low to discuss but I did like the scruffy look for a change.


"Endsville" - Film - The Honorable Reverend Caleb Solar - (2000?)

Review - The clips of this film at the original site  look too funny. But be sure to download the newest Quicktime player as its the only one that willl work with the clips. You can download it at Kyle plays the inept leader of  a doomsday cult in Endsville NY that insists that the entire world is about to die in a massive Biblical flood.

9-9-00  Going to the premiere of this film in two weeks and will post a complete review here afterwards.

9-23-00 Went to the film and this is the first time I have seen him in a comedy. He did an amazing job and was very convincing as a very bumbling Koreshian-type leader. He surprised me a couple of times with the naughty words he spouted and the pickup lines but Kyle was the Anti-Bayliss in this film. For an longer review click here!

Lookability - Please! He's a man of the cloth here...lets not go the Koresh look is not a good one for him.....


"City of Angels" - TV Series CBS- Dr. Raleigh Stewart - Fall 2000

Review - This series was only on the air with Kyle in it for 10 episodes. At first they didn't give him much to do and it was sort of frustrating to wait around for him. But as the show went on they worked his character more and more into the storylines and the show improved significantly. He was great in the last 3 or 4 episodes, doing the "Electric Slide" during the Christmas episode and his budding friendship with Dr. Turner. Too bad that CBS didn't give this series it's entire 22 week run, or even bother airing the last couple of episodes that had been filmed but not aired and a real chance to turn around the ratings. Kyle was very believable as Dr. Stewart and different than the other roles he has played. Really enjoyed this series and the other actors, a talented bunch. 

Lookability - Mature man eye candy here. Raleigh Stewart had a few more miles and silver hairs on him than Tim Bayliss did but still very, very nice indeed. Wish my doctors looked like him.


"Bailey's Mistake" - Wonderful World of Disney TV Movie - Lowell Lennox - March 2001

Review - One of the most disjointed and confusing films I have ever viewed, just like "Easy Rider" but minus the cursing, sex, drugs, rock n roll and motorcycles. I wanted to like it, really, but there simply no way. Unbelievably silly storyline which I think is typical of many Disney projects. It was about a widow finding out she suddenly owned an island off the coast of Maine populated by a bunch of Irish eccentrics and lusted after by an evil wealthy landowner that wants to build a golf course. Kyle played the the evil one, but that has to be the mildest evil I have ever seen, even on Disney. My husband, whom I have converted into a Kyle-fan, watched this with me and we both agreed, for one of the few times in his career Kyle wasn't particularly believable in a role.  But we did giggle over the wiggling of his tail and the "Nah, nah, nah,...nah, nah" What was the deal with the goat anyway?

10-26-01 Rewatched it the other day and it wasn't as bad as I remembered. He was rather creepy and off-putting as the Devil. Will have to rethink my review I suppose.

Lookability - Looked good and way too young but I was beyond turned off by the entire eating of the creme center out of the oreos.


"Philly" - TV Series ABC- Daniel X. Cavanaugh - September 25, 2001 - May 28, 2002

Review - Slightly different legal show. I know critics bashed it but I would not be surprised if the world of justice was really that unglamorous and confusing. This show is full of action, moving at a fast clip with shocking things and sexuality between court cases. Kyle doesn't have the longest amount of screen time but he is riveting and electrifying in his scenes. He finally managed to pull off the aura of money and power in a role, seeming believable as the DA going places in this world. Nothing Bayliss-like about this man in the least. Possibly his strongest performance yet! Another good job, Kyle. Looking forward to Tuesday nights from now on as his scenes with Kim Delaney run the full spectrum of emotions, heart wrenching to watch but unable to look away.

Unfortunately The Powers That Be at ABC cancelled "Philly" in mid-May 2002 depriving us of the chance to see Kyle fully develop the character of Daniel X. Cavanaugh.

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Lookability - 9, something about that power/money thing combined with an expensive suit and good grooming make me crazy. It's so not fair that a touch of silver makes a man so sexy but makes a lady look old.


"Crossing Jordan" - TV Series NBC- Detective Collins - September 24, 2001

Review - Mistakenly dismissed this show as a Julianna Cox/Quincy rip-off from the promos but it was surprising good. Interesting storyline, attention to detail and good casting. The storyline revolved about the title character returning to her hometown of Boston to take up her old job. Jordan (Jill Hennessy with whom he had great chemistry on the L&O/HLOTS crossover) hooks up with Kyle's character as she examines a body found in an alleyway. Lots of complex twists and turns in the plot until Detective Collins is revealed to be the murderer in the middle of a bedroom romp that rivals HLOTS Emma/Cuffoon sequence for passion. Heard others say they saw lots of Bayliss in his performance but I did not. He played this detective differently than Tim, much more confident and less tortured, very masterfully different and a great acting job by Kyle as usual. Detective Collins was rather smarmy in bits, giving me the creeps nearly as much as his turn as the Good Reverend.

Lookability Index - A 8.5 on the Richter scale, very nicely turned out and gorgeous as usual.


"Without A Trace" - TV Series CBS - Duncan Muller - October 10, 2002

Review - Good show, well written, well done. Kyle plays a man who's wife is kidnapped mere steps from him in the parking lot of a Mall. The plot takes a number of twists and turns before she's returned safe and sound but unfortunately the couple's secrets have been revealed by this time. Another good solid performance by Mr. Secor. The scene where he says very little, merely watching the fighting between his attorney and the FBI agent he displays an entire range of emotions with his facial expressions and eyes.

 Lookability Index - 9  A bit different of a look, as clean-shaven and well-groomed as Dan Cavanaugh but with a bit more modern look clothing wise, all black attire. He's one of those guys that just looks better with a touch of silver in the hair.


"Wrinkle in Time" - Disney/Touchstone - Miniseries - Hank -Originally scheduled for Sunday, February 2, 2002 on The Wonderful World of Disney but as of right now (Oct. 2002) still never screened anywhere. Coming shortly after that on video and DVD, a trailer with intriguing glimpses of Kyle in this role may be found on the beginning of the Disney video, "Spy Kids" (info from Brenda/KP list)

10-01-02 Actually had the opportunity to see the trailer for this at a friends house. Made a pathetic spectacle of myself pushing away kiddies from the tv as I ran and reran the trailer again and again to watch Kyle dressed all in black riding a flying book. How demented is that?

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