Are You Ready?

What is it about Baltimore that makes this man look like he has an Excedrin headache? Relax, Chere and have some Gumbo..

So you say you aren't that obsessed, that you could take him or leave him, that you just appreciate good acting and nothing else? Are you ready to face the reality and take the Kyle Krewe Kyle Obsessiveness test. You have nothing to lose and I have to admit I scored off the don't be afraid to test and admit it too. Confession is good for the soul as Frank Pembleton might say (except perhaps if you've done something super embarrassing during Mardi Gras. Imagine my shock the last time I visited Kooper's and they told me they had naked pictures of me dancing on top of the bar! Quelle Horror!)  



1. Have you ever watched "Homicide: Life on the Street"?
2. Taped it off?
3. Taped it off and watched it later. Fast forwarding past all the scenes that Tim Bayliss wasn't in?
4. Actually watched "Midwest Obsession" or "Siege at Marion" more than once?
5. And enjoyed it? Really?
6. Do you spend more than 30 minutes a day online searching for any and all information about Kyle and what he might be up to?
7. Bought anything Kyle-related on Ebay?
8. Bought a copy of "Delusion" or "Drop Zone" on Ebay and watched it so much that you know all the dialogue better than the average "Rocky Horror Picture Show" fan does "Rocky Horror"?
9. Spend over 100 bucks on two photos from his agent or any other equally demented purchase involving Kyle on Ebay?
10. Have you ever visited Baltimore where Homicide was filmed at and had to visit both the Daily Grind and Margarets Cafe?
11. Ever hung around Baltimore or any other city Kyle was filming a show at in an attempt to meet him?
12. Ever run into him somewhere and went into a total mental mind block and instead of meeting him, you slunk away red faced?
13. Ever stand in line for over 3 hours in the freezing cold of a Baltimore morning in a desperate attempt to buy an item of Kyle's clothing from the Homicide Props Sale?

Stop and pat yourself on the back for your honesty. If you answered yes to two or more questions then you are certifiably obsessed with Kyle Secor and there is no known cure. But as we say in New Orleans, its always for pleasure....